Miami Property Management

Looking for quality property management in Miami?  At Global Horizons Group – Asset Management, a licensed real estate and property management company, we specialize in Stress-Free Commercial and Residential Property Management in Miami.

A Full Spectrum of Properties

We offer a property management services in Miami for a variety of properties including Managing Investment Properties, Single Family Homes, Townhomes, Condos, Individual Owners, Corporate Owned, Resort and Second Home Owners and more.

Top South Florida Commercial Property Management Firm

Tenant Relations & Maintenance

Hands & Stress Free Residential and Commercial Property Management in Miami is what we do! GHG-AM comprehensive services includes an accountant responsible for all financial matters including the collection of rent, payment of bills and reporting.

Miami Property Management Company

Are you looking for reliable property management services in Miami? Well, at Global Horizons Group – Asset Management, we provide investors with top of the line service in all aspects of property management. While you, the investor, have full control of all final decisions regarding your property, we make handling the on-going details our highest priority so that your property looks its absolute best and delivers fully on its potential.

No matter what size the property is, from a single unit to multi-unit buildings, associations, and developments, our professional property managers take full responsibility for all facets of real estate property management. Each owner and their property are unique to GHG; we believe that honoring all specific requirements is the only way to ensure complete satisfaction, not only for the investor, but the residents as well.

GHG-AM comprehensive property service includes an accountant who is responsible for all financial matters including the collection of rent, payment of bills and creation of regular reports. Our management team work together to secure the services of the best local companies to provide uniform, dependable, high-quality service to all represented properties at the most reasonable price.

Intensive in-house training allows our staff to work together closely to optimize the smooth, efficient and cost-effective management of all properties. After discussing the investor’s goals, a management plan is designed reflecting the individual’s goals, budget, and overall strategy. Our property managers report directly to the investors so any issues can be addressed in a timely, efficient and satisfactory manner.